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Hi, I'm Lauren

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Photo by David Schwartz, Mentor High School Class of 1989


I grew up here in Mentor, right along Headlands Beach, on Brighton Road. I attended Mentor Public Schools from kindergarten through graduation before moving on to Lakeland Community College—then transferring to Ohio University, where I earned both bachelor's and master's degrees.  After many years away, I moved home to Mentor with a new perspective and a family: my husband, Chris, and my children, Joey and Lila. Like every mom I know, my family is the center of my world.


Giving back to my community has always been a priority for me, which is why I've spent my entire career working in nonprofits—including healthcare, cultural organizations, and education. Now, I want to take that contribution to my community a step further by serving on the Mentor Board of Education.

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Here's what sets me apart—and makes me ready to get to work.

I have a history here.

I can clearly recall my days at Sterling Morton Elementary: field days in tie-dye shirts, playing "Hot Cross Buns" in the band on my saxophone, and singing the fifty states in alphabetical order during school concerts. Shore Junior High is where I made lifelong friends, and by the time I got to Mentor High School, I was preparing myself for college. My history in Mentor and the schools, and my experience walking these halls—being taught by some of the same teachers—will provide informed insight to the work I'd do as a member of the school board. 

I have experience in education.

My journey in education began as a graduate teaching assistant at Ohio University, which was followed by two years as an adjunct instructor at University of Hartford in Connecticut. I moved to Cleveland to work as an internship coordinator for students at Notre Dame College before managing a student mentoring program for three years at College Now Greater Cleveland. Today, I still work in higher education as director and editor of publications at Case Western Reserve University. I'll be able to apply all of this experience—teaching, creating syllabi and curricula, and that ongoing interaction with students—to my role as a board member.

I am a parent of two children who have been attending Mentor schools for nearly a decade.

Every child has a right to education—it's the foundation of our civil society. In 2016, my husband and I decided to move back to Mentor because we wanted to ensure our children's access to excellent schools, a supportive community, and all of those precious memories I shared above. It has been deeply rewarding to watch our children learn and grow in a school system with teachers and staff who genuinely care about and enable their success.

I have been—and will continue to be—fully invested in the success of our schools.

I have a history and a future here in Mentor. My family is here and I own a home here. My children attend these schools where I volunteer for class parties, field days, and go to their art shows and orchestra concerts. I'm proud to have a stake in this community and its schools, and will devote my passion, energy, and experience to make it the best place it can be—because my kids are counting on me, and I won't let them down. 

Lauren Marchaza group photo
Lauren Marchaza group photo
Lauren Marchaza Hopkins Elementary Volunteer
Lauren Marchaza children and one is holding a viola
Lauren Marchaza Group Photo
Lauren Marchaza and smiling girl
Lauren Mrachaza and group photo
Lauren Marchaza and smiling boy
Lauren Marchaza with two children
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